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A Simple Way To Get More Exercise and Eat Well Too

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Have you ever thought you wanted to eat better but realized it usually takes more work to prepare? Well this is the classic ‘Two birds, One stone’ scenario. Think of spending more time on your feet in the kitchen as a type of exercise. We know that a lot of sitting is not good for us.

Be sure to buy lots of fresh fruits and vegetables as these are the most common good foods to add to a diet that make a huge improvement. Remember to eat them before they go bad … that’s the trick.

Okay, I know you feel tired at the end of the day and you want to be able to sit asap. Sit for a few minutes if you have to, but then go into the kitchen and wash and clean some veggies. A raw salad is likely the best way to eat your veggies, but it is also good to steam or gently boil them or add them to any dish that you plan to cook. Make more stir-frys, soups, casseroles with vegetables and even simply cooked veggies in your own favourite dish. Adding this simple food to any meal makes it so much healthier. Sure it takes a little more work, but that’s the bonus. You get more activity time and less sitting, or if you wear a Fitbit, you get more steps. Fresh fruits are equally good and can be thrown in a salad or eaten later as a dessert. This is certainly a healthier choice than pie or cake… except if it’s Valentine’s Day, of course.

Let’s say you wanted to have hamburgers. They are easy to cook, especially if the patties are in the freezer right? Now, what will you have with them? French Fries are the standard and easy to make, but imagine how much better it is, even if it takes a little more work, to have a salad instead.

Want to just throw on a can of soup? How about adding some  veggies, even frozen ones like peas? Scrambled eggs add onions and peppers and/or tomatoes. Whatever you decide to make, think about what veggies you could add. If you really work late, plan ahead and prepare the veggies in the morning or the night before so all you have to do is throw them into the dish when you get home. Some people like to be organized and spend an hour or two on Sunday cutting up a few days worth of fresh veggies for the week ahead. Get creative, try new veggies or fruit that you don’t often eat. Spend a little more time selecting the produce from the store, remembering that more time on your feet means more productive steps that count to your fitness goals and you’ll feel happy knowing you get to Eat Well too.


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