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Do You Suffer From Foot Pain?

Do your feet hurt at the end of the day? Are they tired or stiff? Do they ever feel like you need to crack them? An adjustment may be just what they need.

With all hiking and snowshoeing Lee Anne and I have been doing lately, my left foot was bothering me off and on for about two weeks. Finally, I realized that I was wearing an old pair of orthotics in my winter boots. Luckily for me I was able to make an adjustment on my own foot to help with the pain, temporarily, but ultimately changing the orthotics needed to be done.

In my practice, I often check patient’s feet and find they need an adjustment to correct the mobility in some of the 57 joints in each foot. It often surprises patients, even if they have been a patient for years, that we can actually adjust feet. And boy does it feel good if that is what you need! Knee, hip and back pain can originate in the feet. We often discuss the need for more arch support in their shoes. Sometimes people need to choose better shoes from their closet. They can try over-the-counter arch supports, but may need to consider prescription orthotics. Many are pleased to find that their extended health insurance plans will help pay for these.

If you suffer foot pain or knee pain, or if your back just gets tired and stiff from standing too long, it may be you need to have a Chiropractor look at your feet. Preferably, find a Chiropractor with experience in adjusting feet and prescribing orthotics. In the meantime, try using an ice pack for pain and try rolling your foot over a golf ball. This often breaks down the muscle spasms in the bottom of your feet that are causing you pain. Keep on walking, hiking, running, skiing, or snowshoeing whatever your winter sport is!

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