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It’s Summertime, How Is It My Back Hurts?


Every summer we hear from several patients that their Back Hurts and they have no idea why. Often, a patient has one of those classic stories of exactly what caused their pain. They were bent over lifting something heavy and suddenly felt and heard ‘pop’ or ‘crack’ – Owwww! However, it is probably more common they were doing several things that led to the final straw. Let me give a few unique examples of how you could hurt your back and a few, more common examples of how:

In no particular order…wakeboarding, camping, sitting in a lawn chair, long walks in sandals, horsing around in the pool, gardening, trimming hedges, 3 rounds of golf in 4 days, long drive in the car, slept on in-law’s pull-out couch, decided to try the rides at Canada’s Wonderland with my 12-year old, caught a really big fish, doing jumps with my bicycle, throwing shot puts, volleyball, throwing a long baseball to home plate, helping a family member or a friend move, vacuuming, painting, dancing under the stars, or sleeping wrong.

It is very important to understand how the pain started in order to get an idea of how bad it is. This is why we focus on a thorough consultation to help determine the cause. Sometimes when a patient truly did nothing to cause it, we may consider some underlying serious health issue. On the other hand after examination it may be obvious that posture or a simple imbalance may be the cause.

Whatever the cause of your problem this summer, give us a call or book an appointment online and get it looked at before it worsens. Remember the most common words heard in our office are “I thought it would go away.”  

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