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One Simple Exercise to Improve Your Rounded Shoulders


While at a local bookstore the other day I noticed an unusually large proportion of people with poor posture, specifically, rounded shoulders. Sure, this is more common in the elderly but also in readers. Of course a bookstore would have lots of readers and we could easily see the truth by just looking around. I felt compelled to write a post on this subject. The fact is, many of our regular patients have been hearing about this one simple exercise lately, but you can start doing it today.

Find a 3 or 4 foot length of stretchy theraband or tubing. We sell it here, and most sports stores and gyms have it too. Stand in good posture with your elbows bent to 90 degrees held in close to your chest. Hold the band in your hands with your palms up and then pull your shoulder blades back and down while pulling your chin in. Hold your shoulder blades steady and your elbows at your side, and pull your hands apart as far as comfortable. This should be about 6 to 10 inches, then return to straight out front. If it feels difficult, start with your hands farther apart, if its too easy, closer together. You should perform this exercise for about 10 repetitions, for 2 or 3 sets.  A good variation you might try is pushing your hands forward with only a slight bend at the elbow, hold the blades steady and pull your arms apart again. They should go about 1 or 2 feet.

For a great 12  minute video with Vanessa Bartlet, Pilates/Holistic Trainer Presenter, showing these exercises and more, please follow this link


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