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Chiropractic Care

Dr. Kevin Matheson has been practicing family Chiropractic care since 1986 with an emphasis on wellness. After a thorough consultation and examination your problem will be explained in plain English. Dr. Matheson will begin a series of gentle, hands-on adjustments to release your pain as quickly as possible. You will be given tips to learn how to alleviate the pain and stop re-aggravating the problem. Then you will have a personalized exercise program recommended for the best, most long-lasting results. Finally, you will be given suggestions to encourage you to adopt the wellness lifestyle.

Health & Wellness

Our bodies are constantly subjected to stress in our environment. There are three types of stress- mental, physical and chemical. All three challenge our bodies to various degrees all the time. We react to stress by developing tension. I’m sure we’ve all experienced this; perhaps in the top of your shoulders or neck. Often headaches will ensue. Bodily tension shows up in muscles, then joints, then nerves. Tension creates malfunction of the muscles and joints and is felt as pain, stiffness and weakness. The worst problems arise from tension on your nerves since nerves control everything in the body. Therefore this tension can affect many areas of your health.

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We do a computerized scan of your feet and have ‘Foot Levelers’ manufacture the best custom-made orthotics available. They have had a proven track record working with hundreds of Chiropractors for decades. Their products are easy to get used to and their customer-service is top rate. We have hundreds of satisfied patients over the last five years.

Speaking Engagements

Dr Matheson does a series of Wellness Talks in his office and is available to do a variety of talks to any group, big or small who are interested in learning more about how to improve their health naturally.

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